Crash Into Me

There were many titles for this post: Tipping Point, Broken, Masquerade and more.  Finally I settled on “Crash Into Me” because that’s what happened.  I came crashing down onto myself.

It was a combination of things that had been building.  Between work, personal life (friends and family) and of course, our never-ending fertility battle – it all suddenly became too much and I went down.  Fast & hard.

The last six weeks have been getting increasingly difficult to even function as a normal adult.  Everything looked great if you were on the outside looking in. Inside it was a maelstorm of darkness swirling around us, around me.

Last week, I was coming off the temporary high of a great weekend. The higher you are, the harder you have to fall.

We had an appointment with the clinic on Monday. I had to take a vaction day on Wednesday because I was finding life suddenly very claustrophic.  Thursday I had an issue an at work and all the darkness came to a head.  I broke down sobbing.  Sobbing hard in front of my co-worker, office mate and friend.  She kindly told me, “I think you need to go and see a doctor”.  I begged for an appointment the next day.  I cried off and off all day, all night.  Even more so when the clinic (our doctor personally) called again (but that’s another post).

In the doctor’s office, I lost it.  A sobbing hysterical mess in front of a relative stranger (it wasn’t my own doc, but someone else at her clinic).  I have never been so humilated and so broken.

He told me, “you need to take some time off work”.  I took the note to work, told my two bosses (yes, I have two…) and left. For at least two weeks.  I cried more there too.  Again, more humilation. I don’t know how I will face these people again.

And I don’t know what the next two weeks are going to bring. I have a new anti-depressant to try. I have an appointment with my psychologist on Wednesday. I plan to use this blog as a journal.

It’s my 34th birthday next week.



2 thoughts on “Crash Into Me

  1. I am so so sorry you are struggling so deeply. Major kudos to you for reaching out, getting some help, and taking time off of work for yourself. Sending you love and support. Hugs.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear that it was such a hard crash. I hope the time off is a great healing time for you and that you can focus on yourself. Spoil yourself the most you can because you deserve it. Sending lots of hugs your way.


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