Not a Diet

Infertility is a disease that affects 1 in 6 couples. My hubby and I have unexplained infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. This is a medical diagnosis by a doctor who is also a fertility specialist and obstetrician.

Apparently though, many people are doctors.

If I have one more person tell me to “get healthy” or avoid this/that/other – I am going to lose it.

Here’s a news flash: I know I am overweight. I don’t need you to hint at it. I have eyes and I can see in the mirror.

But if my weight or percieved lack of physical activity was an issue, my doctor would tell me. Not that it’s anyone’s business, but these have been discussed, in great detail (including diet, alcohol, activity) and not only does my doctor not feel it’s NOT a problem, he wants me to stay where I am because my test results are all perfect so obviously whatever I am doing is working.  By “perfect” I mean that  my hormones, lining, tubes, blood work, antibodies, etc are all great and in the ranges they need to be.

Whatever isn’t working with our fertility is being caused by something, but science isn’t there yet. In the same way we don’t have a cure for diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s or anything else.

Yes, your friend or [insert celebrity here] may have tried some fad or unproven thing at the request of a naturopath/physio/not-a-doctor but that’s their story and not mine…and you should probably read this or better yet,


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