With a Vengeance

*TMI Warning*

My 14 days post-IUI POAS was a resounding BFN. The light blood was steadily increasing in intensity. 

I called the clinic and they advised to continue the progesterone and wait until the beta test on Tues. “Just in case”

Friday it became full AF, complete with clots. Friday night I gave up on the progesterone and any remaining hope. 

Friday was also my SIL’s due date. Isn’t that nice? Ha. The universe has a sick sense of humour. 

So IUI #6 officially failed. I didn’t have a ton of hope, only 1 of the previous ones had worked, but it still hurt. 

I did spend a good chunk of the day ugly crying in my car. Thankfully the people I work with tactfully pretended they didn’t notice.  

I think I have now reverted to a weird, numb sense of disbelief and self-preservation. 

This is the end of the road friends. If not completely, then for a while. 


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