I don’t know how I feel about that term “pregnant until proven otherwise”.  On one hand, now that the IUI is complete, I have to behave as though I am pregnant. On the other hand, it creates false hope. It really does. 

Maybe PUPO is only for IVF patients?! I don’t know. 

The IUI was Friday, it was fairly straightforward (it’s our 6th, so no surprises here). 46M of hubby’s best swimmers went in and then I went home and slept. Previous IUIs, I had gone back to work but I share an office with the most amazing woman who really urged me to just take a damn sick day this time.  She was right, she always is, and sleeping made me feel better. Probably because I couldn’t be terrified while sleeping.

I realized the other day that if this IUI doesn’t work then I won’t become a mother in 2016. It will be another year of broken dreams and I just don’t think I can do that again. 

So out of fear I called in sick today as well. I rested up this weekend and I think one more day of rest won’t hurt. Then it can be back to real life and waiting. 

But for now, PUPO?!



6 thoughts on “PUPO?!

  1. It’s weird – I have never been one to care about age or the years passing by without children. But this year as we wait for an approved donor I’ve realized that I will be 30 IF it works and I give birth. That’s crazy to think since I started TTC when I was 21 and had a year of treatments, 2 miscarriages, and a genetic diagnosis by the time I was 22….dates and ages are just numbers in which we use to measure time. 2017 is just as good a time to have a child as 2016, and who knows, maybe better 🙂 Sending you loads of baby dust and prayers hun!


  2. Sending good thoughts for the waiting. It is for IVF patients because the embryo is created and in the uterus. It’s up to the embryo to dig in and stick around. Either way, it’s still a long slog of two weeks whether it’s an IUI or IVF.


  3. Thinking of you during your wait, and good luck!
    (And BTW, I’m not a fan of the PUPO term- I’m onto IVF’s at this point and say “embryo on board”- whatever ends up happening to that embryo…)


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