Bad News Bears

Remember my too quiet ovaries?! Which resulted in my Gonal-F being increased to 300?! 

Well after my Friday blood test (after 4 days of stimming), they called me in for an ultrasound this morning as my estrogen was high. Turns out that my follicles aren’t developing at a consistent rate and we have 2-3 that are miles ahead which means they won’t all develop in time. Our clinic recommends canceling or converting to IUI at only 3-4 follicles as it is unlikely we will retrieve enough eggs to even fertilize at that number. 

Last time I stimmed for 10 days on 125 of Gonal F and we retrieved 13 eggs.

This time it was supposed to be 225 of Gonal F.

I think the doc f**ked is over when she switched it to 300. Maybe I should have questioned more? Maybe I should’ve/would’ve/could’ve. 

Damnit. Damnit. Damnit. 


One thought on “Bad News Bears

  1. Reading your post a very audible F**K was heard through the office. I’m angry and frustrated for you guys! I’m also hopeful that even if you end up converting that this will be the successful round. Eyes, fingers, toes crossed for you; sending lots of love and prayers your way!

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