We are rapidly approaching the baseline ultrasound for this IVF cycle.  Which means I have been thinking a lot about the things that I plan to do differently this time around.

The first one is to be more forthright with my doctor.  I have a meeting with him on Thursday to discuss ICSI (I have my reservations on it), the anti-depressants I am taking, my mental health (I want a doctor’s note for bed rest after the transfer), I want to discuss transferring more than two embryos (assuming we even get more than 2 that are good to go!), and I want confirmation that if the IVF is successful they will monitor me at the clinic as a high risk pregnancy (meaning frequent beta tests until 7 weeks, ultrasounds at 7, 9 & 11 weeks and the Harmony Test).  I know it is a lot of “I want” in that paragraph. I think for $10,000, I am entitled to a few demands.

After the baseline, I am going to stop drinking until the first beta. Which means this upcoming weekend is going to be fun.  I will do the same with caffeine but I am already at a one tall Americano a week anyway so that’s not a huge change.

I am going to drink half the amount of water I did last time before the retrieval (and the transfer).  Both times, my bladder was “too full” but the doc carried on anyway and I was in incredible pain before, during and after both procedures.

I am going to bring the “prayer blanket” my mom’s friends made for me to the transfer for the recovery period.

I am not going to let the embryologist intimidate me.  I will be writing down the daily results, asking questions and we will be waiting until Day 5.  Even our doctor supports us on that one.

I am going to schedule an event for every day of the two week wait.  I am not even going to bother with lists, I am just going to schedule the heck out of my life.

I am going to mediate everyday once the injections start.

I am going to believe that not only will this work, that I will carry this baby to term.  untitled


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