Microblog: Love/Hate

A Facebook friend posted this via Instagram: 


Apparently it is a quote from someone named Liz Gilbert. I don’t know who that is, but I am not hip and with it these days. Anyway, this post isn’t about Liz Gilbert. I just wanted to make sure I gave the picture credit. I would hate to get sued. 

I have a love/hate relationship with quotes like these. One hand I like the inspiration and the motivation. On the other, I hate the implication that I can control my life. Getting pregnant and carrying that baby to term is something I want. 

But making a list about it and working towards it every “damn” day isn’t going to make it happen. 

I might feel like I gave it my best shot, but in the end I might not get what I want and then I will feel like I have failed. 

Like I said, love/hate. 



2 thoughts on “Microblog: Love/Hate

  1. Elizabeth Gilbert is a writer. And — as far as I know — she has never tried to have children. She may rethink that quote in terms of things that are so far outside anyone’s control. Not even a doctor can make it happen.


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