Microblog: Themes for 2016

Well  January here we are.  Another year arrives, another year on our TTC journey.  It has been four years now, that’s the problem with starting TTC in January.  It is really easy to remember how long it has been.

This morning was supposed to be my blood test to find out if the frozen embryo transfer worked. They would have called by this afternoon.  Sigh.  Mondays suck to begin with, but this one sucks a little more.

I have spent the weekend reflecting on what 2016 will bring. I like to pick “theme” words for the coming year. Last year I picked “Connect” and used that to try and ensure that I was “connecting” in my relationships and eliminating or distancing myself from ones where there was no “connection”.  I haven’t been able to land on a theme word for 2016 yet – any suggestions? I would love some inspiration.  So far I am tossing around: resilience, wellness, forward…



4 thoughts on “Microblog: Themes for 2016

  1. I still want to pick one too, and haven’t had any luck. I plan to browse through the hash tag #oneword2016 on Twitter later, to see if that helps inspire me. Good luck with everything – hope your Monday gets better. 🙂


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