Microblog: Taking Back Christmas


This year, my husband and I took back Christmas.  We realized after this summer that, for many reasons, we weren’t able to have a family Christmas this year with either side of the family.

We sent our family members this article “Coping with the Holidays” from RESOLVE (the American National Fertility Association). If you or anyone you know is going into the Christmas season trying to cope with infertility and/or loss, then it is a must read. I mean that. Read it.

For the most part, everyone was supportive and even if they may not understand our reasons, they respect our decision.

As a result, this is the most excited I have been about Christmas in years. Taking back Christmas meant Christmas on our terms. It meant starting to make Christmas about traditions that are important for our family of three (me, hubby and the dog) and not bound by family customs/traditions/norms.  It’s liberating.  I love it.



5 thoughts on “Microblog: Taking Back Christmas

  1. Brava! I am a firm believer in reclaiming Christmas (or any holiday that might be painful), making it your own, and doing what is right for you and your partner. Good for you!


  2. This article should be read by everyone. Happy to hear that you will be spending Christmas with those that matter the most to you. Your cute little family of three. Sending you lots of love.

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