Microblog: Distractions

Waiting is the worst. It doesn’t look like we will get in for our frozen embryo transfer before Christmas and so I am working on finding projects to distract myself with. 

I started with Christmas shopping after Halloween. I love shopping for presents and I especially love shopping for Christmas presents. In fact, I am almost finished my shopping already! (I know, I know…) I justified it to myself that if we are accepted for frozen transfer this year then at  least I will have spread the expenses around and won’t be paying for everything at once. 

After the Christmas shopping went so well, I decided we needed a bigger project so we moved on to painting our buffet. That’s turned out to be much bigger project that I thought. I will have to post pictures when it’s finally done, we are currently in the middle of the whole chalk painting process (check out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint). 

And after that I intend to tackle our whole house after being inspired by the KonMari method in The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I may be going a bit overboard. I don’t know. I need to do something. 

What do you to distract yourself between treatments, during the two week wait, etc?



One thought on “Microblog: Distractions

  1. I try and avoid thinking about it, in that I force myself not to think about it. I avoid looking at calendars so I am not aware of the date, or how many days it has been. I literally stay in a state of being hyper-vigilant about not looking at the calendar, ect. If thoughts creep in I force myself to “change the channel” so to speak. And I try to come up with really inane projects and busywork to do, like redoing my dresser drawers or the linen closet. Wasting any idle time on the web shopping for crap I am never really going to buy, but I can waste hours of I have that kind of time. Also, looking at listings of the most expensive houses in my area and imagining what it would be like to have the kind of money to live in one. There is something about looking at pictures of multi-million dollar homes I know I will never afford that is a great distraction to me when I need to keep my mind busy. It helps if you have friends or coworkers with you to make fun of the ridiculousness of it. Like, what is a “Morning Room” and what is it for??

    Painting your buffet is very ambitious! My sister refinishes furniture but it takes way more patience than I ever have. I hope it turns out exactly as you are aiming for!


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