But what about adoption?


I am so f**king sick of that question. I don’t even know what to say anymore. 

Of course we have talked about adoption and my reasons for not adopting are none of your business. 

Why do people ask such a stupid question? 

What do you say when people ask you? 


7 thoughts on “But what about adoption?

  1. My mum has asked me that question and we are only just venturing into TTC land! I just replied that it was an expensive and long process without a definitive end, so for us, it isn’t an option right now. If it was someone other than my mother I would either have a ruder or more sarcastic reply. I think ‘that’s none of your business’ is a great reply to most people.


  2. I’m new to your blog…but wanted to say “hello”! Adoption isn’t easy, just like endless TTC isn’t easy. I’m sorry that you’re going through infertility…been there myself. I look forward to following along with your journey.


  3. In my feistiest moments, I’m a sarcastic bitch who asks them how many of their children are adopted. Others, I just tell them we’re not open to adoption, and if they ask why, I tell them.


  4. In my mind, I tell them that we don’t adopt because the baby might have parents who ask people “what about adoption?” and I’m afraid that kind of stupidity it’s genetic.

    In the real world, I don’t say anything. Usually it’s not framed as a question but more of an opinion, so I can get away with nodding and silent hatred.

    I wasn’t always this bitter. No really 😉


  5. Let me start by saying my comment is not to offend and I am horrible at putting my thoughts into writing.

    I will not pretend to know, what you are going through and know my comment comes from me, someone who cares about you.

    Please remember when most people ask “what about adoption?” they are not asking to make you upset or to make you aware of this profound idea they thought they would bring to your attention. As someone who has never gone through what you are going through, nor do I know anyone going through the same situation (that I know of) I am truly uneducated about the processes, emotions etc. Quite frankly, I would probably be one of those people that would ask if adoption was an option. I would only ask the question as someone who knows how important it is for you to have children and feeling just a smudge of your sadness and heartache I would be curious if this would be an option so you would one day be able to enjoy having a baby in the house. On another note, if you want people to be educated then you have to be willing to hear all questions. Explain why the question offends you.

    Again, this comment is not to offend and I am not here to start a debate, I am just one person that wants to understand.

    Love ya!


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