Bad Days

This is the back of my car. I keep a box of tissues there for when I am crying so hard I have to pull over. I leave them there until I can throw them out when no one will see. 

I use the cream to take the running mascara and make-up off my face. It is better than using dry tissues because then you don’t get the redness. 

It’s been a bad day. 



One thought on “Bad Days

  1. This has been the hardest part of our journey thus far. We have realized that life is now really passing by and we aren’t on the ride. These are bad days for both of us. It is hard to be happy for everyone around us that is having their first, second, third and we can’t get out of the gate. As everyone moves forward, we keep resetting and waiting for the starter to pull the trigger. We are “normal” (whatever that means) and there is nothing the fertility experts can tell us. The unlucky explanation is not helping with our mental state.

    Today (and most days) are bad days, but today was a bad day…

    love you,


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