This article and photo has been going around about a baby surrounded by a heart created from IVF needles and bottles. 


The article has been making the rounds and encouraging others to share their IVF experiences. 

As the article says “Much of the hesitation in talking about IVF is due to people coping with very painful or emotional fertility journeys or being afraid that others will judge their choices.”

To say we have been judged for our choices would be putting it midly. People have opposed the “chemicals” we have “chosen” to put in our bodies, others have commented on “if it isn’t in God’s plan” should we go against that?! Or the comment that absolutely took my breath when I complained about IVF not being funded by health care “is it actually everyone’s right to have child?”

These comments are always made by people who either don’t have children or didn’t have any problems conceiving – in other words they have no idea what they are talking about. 

These comments also hurt like someone has taken a red hot knife to your heart. 

We must all try not to offer judgements on things we know nothing about, whether that’s fertility, miscarriage or something completely different. 


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