Making Nice

I can’t make any more fake conversation. I can’t answer “How are you?” with a false smile and a “Fine, thanks” or “What have you been up to?” With “Oh nothing much” without wanting to scream. 

Everything is in shambles and I am miserable, thanks for asking. 

I can’t fill silences with anymore banal conversation about the weather, vacation plans or other mudane topics. 

If I can’t really talk to you, I don’t want to. Not now.  



3 thoughts on “Making Nice

  1. Is there any way to give people an honest version of that? To release it in a way that doesn’t knock people over, but allows them to understand how deeply you’re hurting? That you can’t just brush your feelings aside?

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  2. “How are you” is such a loaded question. So often people just don’t really want to know, it’s just a pleasantry. They don’t get when you answer honestly, but it’s absolutely 100% okay to answer honestly and say, “I am in misery, actually.” I have done it, and while it makes others uncomfortable, it is strangely freeing. I hope that slowly you find peace, but that you have the space to grieve as you need to and be as messy as you need to be. It’s a special kind of hell, where you are, and eventually you’ll resurface. In your own time.


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