Microblog Monday Mini Post


A different type of Microblog Monday post for me. Not entirely sure it would meet Stirrup Queen’s rules 😉

I came across a fellow infertility blogger’s post that really resonated with me: “Backed Into A Corner And Feeling Trapped” by Count Yourself Unlucky



Casey and I will be participating in “Walk to Remember” and this text from their site really stuck with me:

There is a reality so sad, so distressing, that many cannot fathom it. And yet, for 15,000 Alberta parents whose babies are lost each year via miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth and neonatal death, it is an experience they will never forget. Having to say goodbye when never having the opportunity to say hello haunts these parents each day. And yet, these babies brought so much joy to their families. Each of them had an expected arrival, a highly anticipated future. Any one of them could have grown up to be a scientist or a snowboarder, a teacher or a poet.  Each one of them was supposed to have a first birthday, a last day of school, a first kiss, a last dance. Their possibilities were, purely, endless.





Making Nice

I can’t make any more fake conversation. I can’t answer “How are you?” with a false smile and a “Fine, thanks” or “What have you been up to?” With “Oh nothing much” without wanting to scream. 

Everything is in shambles and I am miserable, thanks for asking. 

I can’t fill silences with anymore banal conversation about the weather, vacation plans or other mudane topics. 

If I can’t really talk to you, I don’t want to. Not now.