Her Story

People love to share stories. Stories like:

-“IVF didn’t work for my girlfriend but right after she conceived naturally and now has 3 kids”

-“A co-worker did 5 rounds of IVF and none of them worked”

-“My 41 year old friend just had her first kid…naturally”

-“The clinic misdiagnosed my sister and they lost a lot of time and money”

-“My friends didn’t start going to the fertility clinic until they were 38 and they have two IVF babies now, it wasn’t too late”

-“My girlfriend when to the clinic for 5 years and they couldn’t help her. She gave up at 40”

Those stories might help or hurt. They might give you hope or they might leave you defeated, but they are someone else’s story.

Her story won’t be your story.


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