Two Weeks at a Time

If you have been trying for a while you probably just nodded your head at the blog title.   You know exactly what I mean.  Your life exists in two week increments: the two weeks of waiting to try (and then trying for that oh so small window) and then the two weeks of waiting.  The longest two weeks ever.  The two weeks where you question everything hoping it is a symptom and “just to be safe” you aren’t drinking and you’re skipping the sushi and hollandaise.  And then when it is another negative you wonder…why the hell did I pass on that fabulous pinot (or that luscious eggs benny with the girls), etc and you slip from bitter disappointment and anger back to…waiting to try again.

You can actually live an entire year in two week increments.  We have done it.  2014 flew by in two week increments after the miscarriage at the start of January.  It’s not a nice feeling to get to December and realize that the year is gone, your arms are still empty and you aren’t any further ahead.

I want to tell you not to do it, but it isn’t that easy.  Because once you are past that first year and the reality has sunk in that this isn’t going to be easy, making a baby becomes work.  No matter how hard you try to make it otherwise, it is just is.  You have about a 25-30% chance of making it work each month and trying to maximize your odds doesn’t happen by chance.  (Remember I am talking about infertility couples here…not 16 year olds).

All I can tell you is try to work it into your life and not to let it consume you.  I have traveled with ovulation sticks (ps. read the instructions! They can be pretty specific about how and when they want your pee!) and I have used them at work.  I did my IVF injections in the mall parkade after a movie with friends.  Isolating yourself is lonely.  Try to keep some kind of “normal”.

Make memories.  Continue to experience life.  Travel.  Don’t skimp on the Pinot.  😉